Why Twitter is Attracting the Youth

With a whole flurry of social media platforms, it is always very difficult to say why one specific platform is loved over the other. People have preferences for various reasons. Of course what the product is offering adds a lot as an answer, yet still I believe to each his own works in this regard too. When we talk of social media, you know the most common and spontaneous voice is facebook. The second one, without a doubt has to be twitter.

A sneak Peak into your favourite celeb’s life

I feel the biggest reason why twitter is so popular is the presence of celebrities. I have always wondered why people read supplements with newspapers which talk only about the personal life of celebrities and Twitter is the very same online manifestation of this trend. Twitter is emerging to be very popular with the youth because it is much larger than their ordinary life. It is this entry into an extraordinary life which the youth crave for. Following celebrities gives a lot of people joy in this young age. It is a kind of wish-fulfillment happening, as they can know so much about their favorite stars.


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The second reason would be that the opportunities of interactions it opens up for the youth are vast. This is an age where there is a will to explore, to meet as many people as possible and Twitter provides this platform. And the best part is that you can easily locate like-minded people. Compared with the other major social networking site- Facebook, where the possibilities of interaction are limited and unknown friend requests are treated as awkward.

Short and Simple

On Twitter what you have is short simple sentences. And as Twitter loads much more easily on smart phones, it doesn’t take much time to post a few keywords and be done. People are not looking for grammatically correct statuses here, as the characters are so limited, so one can mindlessly and also urgently post and still be very well understood. So the youth find it easier to connect to the world. It is easy, fast and crisp.

Chaffing of unwanted content

Since you follow want you want to, there is no unwanted content you are reading. You are not wasting time knowing about things you don’t want to know of, which is what other modes of social media offer to you.

Less pretentious

Also, there is no pretence on twitter. You are following people because you like what they say, you are not making friends and if you are, you will actually talk to them and not just be a virtual ‘friend’ as on Facebook. The constant comparison I have made with Facebook because it is the other giant in this field. So Twitter is attractive as it is honest. You don’t have people following you just for the heck of it but because they actually like your posts. That is honest and simple. If people like your thought, they will follow. If they don’t, they unfollow you. Offence is not taken as you don’t even know most people. It’s a happier space which accepts its strangeness.

Therefore this honesty, conciseness, freshness and yes the big chance to know their favorites stars and super stars makes the youth want to be on twitter than anywhere else.

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