4 Tips for Finding the Best Lawyers in Parramatta

Are you ready to hire your first lawyer? As an entrepreneur, you may not yet know the ins and outs of litigation and contract drafting. That’s why it’s so important to have a team of legal experts on hand from day one. But how can you find the right lawyer for your company? Here are five key tips for hiring a lawyer in Parramatta that will help your new hire fit in seamlessly with your operations and keep costs down.

Define Your Legal Needs

No matter how talented your lawyer may be, it’s not going to make a difference if you don’t define the legal needs of your company. To begin, pick out three areas where your new hire will have the greatest impact. Do you need corporate formation or contracts? Do you need to draft a dispute resolution document like an arbitration agreement or non-disclosure agreement? Do you need to file for a patent? By picking out three areas where your new hire will have the most impact, you can begin to align their skill set with your company’s needs.

Ask Lots of Questions

Top lawyers in Parramatta won’t have a hard time answering even the most perplexing legal questions. It’s a common misconception that because a lawyer has a degree in law, they know everything there is to know. In reality, many lawyers have a core set of specialties, or even specialize in a particular area of law. Asking lots of questions before hiring a lawyer will help you learn about their knowledge and expertise. This will help you avoid hiring a lawyer who does not have the skills necessary for your company. Before you even consider interviewing a lawyer, get a sense of their knowledge by asking them a series of questions. What are three areas of law that are most relevant to your company? What knowledge and skills will your new hire need to have in order to be most effective at their job? You can also find some answers to these questions by speaking with current employees at your law firm.

Be Scrupulous About Who You Interviews

When searching for top lawyers in Parramatta, you may be tempted to choose your friend, family member, or someone who is connected to your business. The problem is that these connections can come with a higher cost and less efficiency. When choosing to interview a lawyer who is not connected to your company or someone who is not a lawyer, be sure to be scrupulous. A scrupulous person is someone who is morally or ethically scrupulous. At the very least, scrupulous means ethical, upright, honest, or truthful. When choosing a lawyer whom you are not personally acquainted with, be scrupulous about who you choose. Choose someone who is a member of a legal association that has relevant experience, someone who has practiced law for a number of years and is known to be an expert, or someone who has both a law degree and a degree in another field of expertise.


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Ask For References and Get to Know the Lawyer Before You Hire Them

Both of the above tips are meant to help you get a closer look at the lawyer’s experience and skill set. After you’ve interviewed a handful of candidates, you can interview the lawyer before you hire them and get a sense of their experience, skill set, and personality. Interview the lawyer by sending them an e-mail or having them come by your office to meet with you. You can also have them answer some questions via e-mail or a Google Hangout. You should also get a sense of the lawyer’s personality by speaking with their references, researching their background, and getting to know them better before hiring them. This will help you avoid hiring a lawyer who does not fit well into your company culture.

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