10 Tips How To Design The About Us Page

Your About Us page does hold some power. This is especially true if you consider things such as credibility and trust. People may not be happy giving money to an Internet website which may simply never send their goods. If you can convince people that your business is a real offline one that is established and trusted, then they are going to feel a lot better about spending their money on your website.

1 Lie through your crooked teeth

People do not want real life. They get enough of that every day. They want fantasy that looks like real life, which is why you need to lie on your About Us page. You need to make it look like you have the budget to hire the best in the business and the race of the people needs to match the majority race of the people in the country you operate from.

2 Put professional pictures of pretty people on there

Again, people do not want a picture of fat Doris wedged into an office chair. They want middle aged to late middle aged, middle class people in suits or in uniform. Obviously, the people have to suit the job they are supposed to do, so the head accountant wears a suit whereas the zookeeper wears overalls.


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3 Be very wary of putting real names on there

This may just lead to your staff getting hate mail by name as oppose to anything else. It is okay to tell your customers your names, but people online are not your customers. Only a tiny percent are customers and so you need to think twice about exposing the real names of your staff to the weirdoes out there on the net.

4 Keep it very light and pleasant

This is an important fact, because even if you are a big faceless company, you still want to come across as nice people to be around. That is why your About Us page is very friendly, light and pleasant, so that people visit it and get a feel for the aura. Keep your About Us page light and pleasant, and nice to look at, and skim read. Keep everything on that page light and friendly because that is the type of people that you are trying to make it appear like you are.

5 People expect this to double over as your contact us page too

In other words, put a few contact details on there. If you have space and it looks okay, then put a contact page on it where people may submit a question online. At the very least you should have phone number and maybe your email addresses on there. People seem to expect it sometimes so you may as well let them have their way.

6 Lots of free space with small text boxes is okay

About Us web pages are not often crammed full of text. They are often light and easy to read web pages.

7 Don’t brag about any triumph if you do not have a picture on there

Do not brag about your biggest warehouse if there is not a picture of it on there. Do not brag about your diligent call centre staff if you do not have a picture on there. People are used to reading lies online, but they are more likely to believe you if you have an image to back up what you are saying.

8 Sell your brand principles

You are not really there to explain About Us; you are there to sell brand principles. This means that if you promise a speedy delivery then people want to see staff in your processing centre and your reliable driver stood next to a new van.

9 Design it so that people may get a snapshot impression of you

Allow them to take a quick glance at your About Us page and automatically get a feeling about the type of company that you are. Make it so that they can see you are a friendly company and that your staff members fit the branding message that the rest of the website gives off.

10 Show that you are an offline company

People want to feel like they can trust you and that you are not just another company out in the ether known as the Internet. So, try to show them that you are a real company that operates offline too. If you can do this then they will be more inclined to trust you.


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