How To Increase Your Domain Authority

Guest post

You affected to the other seat of audience by guest post related blogs. This helps to increase visibility, brands and gave chance to more people visiting to your website. Guest post blogs are related to your industries. it also help to increases your business. your guest post blogs should always offer relevant and useful information because it helps to encourage the reader to click on the link to your site. Remember that your site becomes popular by domain authority is likely to be.

Use Info graphics

info graphics are attractive without being too colorful or crowded. Share your info graphics on social media pages it helps to getting opportunity traffic to your site. it gives to chance of getting new black links and therefore increase your domain authority.

Create Presentations  

PowerPoint offer you to presentations excellent ways of featuring the products and services. you should make sure that your presentations are focus on featuring your products. you should also make sure that you gave valuable information to viewers. your purpose is that to encourage viewers to visit your website for more information by your presentations. Share your create presentations on popular sites like YouTube.


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Use Social Media

social networking sites are the best place to find prospective customers. If you want to improve your site and brand name therefore, you active on social media and to link your social media accounts to your official website. You visit the home page of renewed personalities like Twitter, Goggle and among others. this practice give your social media accounts to way of linking.

You could also create accounts in the other most popular social networking sites. If you want to establish yourself as an industry authority you could post regular updates and engage with other people on these sites. Soon, get more traffic on your website and domain authority should start increases.

Add Fresh Content and Web Pages Regularly

A factors  that affected domain authority is the size of a website. If you want your authority to increases you should add new pages  and quality content your site. If you want traffic to your site you should posting fresh and new content weekly.

You can search engines and you can also provide reliable and invaluable content. In doing that, you succeed and you also able to satisfactory domain authority until the time and your site becomes viewers trust completely.

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain. It will perform on search engine results pages (SERPs).The domain authority affect  by the age of the domain names as well as the size of the website in terms of number of pages. The popularity of the number of external links are based on domains authority.

Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority:

Domain Authority is the parameter for judging the performance of your blog. Page Authority refers to the strength of pages of your blog but Domain Authority is the strength of whole domain. Page Authority is a part of Domain Authority. Page Authority is always leads to higher credibility of a particular page of your blog and it also scaled in the range of 100.

How Age of Domain Affects Authority:

New domains have much to prove in terms of popularity and credibility. New domains as old domains are generally considered more trustworthy.

How Domain Size Affects Authority:

you search engines typically appreciate websites with a lot of quality content it gives more indexed pages you have on your website. Large sites have more content to get more links.


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