5 Social Media Secrets When Buying a Home

Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter aren”t just for pinning great holiday recipes and sharing pictures of your kids with your grandmother who lives 3,000 miles away.

They”re not just for updating your status to tell the world how irritating your husband was or crow about the new luxury car you just purchased.

Social media is now a marketing tool for Realtors and homeowners. Both use social media to post photos of homes for sale so buyers can see what”s out there and think about making a purchase.

Sellers want buyers in their front door and Realtors want buyers to give them a call. You too can use social media to help you in your home-buying process. Here are five key tips.

1. Find a great real estate agent

One tip you can use in the hunt for a new home is to use social media to help you find a Realtor. While your sister-in-law might highly recommend her real estate agent, you can use social media to check out the profile of a Realtor who interests you.

You can see how invested in the market and his or her job any Realtor is by following the person on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can see how much effort is put into finding homes, read reviews by former clients, and view the interactions between your potential representative and others.

It”s a great way to raise the odds of your satisfaction with your Realtor.


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2. Use social media to see homes

When you”re interested in a home, you want to see it. However, when you walk into a home that was described one way and it”s completely different, it feels like a waste of your already difficult-to-find time.

When you use social media to check out a home, you can see pictures of every room, nook, and a cranny without the travel time.

This makes it easier for you to narrow down results by checking videos and reviews and saving yourself valuable time.

3. Ideas for remodels

Not everyone will find their dream home as-is. You might need to do a little updating in the home you choose, which is why following decorators and home boards on sites such as Pinterest can help.

For example, if you buy a home that”s perfect except for the kitchen, check out Pinterest for various kitchen design ideas. You can find kitchens that are similar to what you have so you can plan how to make significant changes without significant costs.

4. Neighborhood scouting

This is not really necessary if you plan to move into a new house in your own neighborhood, but it”s a great tool for families who are shifting to a new community. If you want to buy a home, check out social media to see what that town has to offer.

You can use Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to see what type of shopping, dining, activities, schools, and everything in between the new neighborhood has to offer without ever getting in your car. All it takes is a simple social media search.

5. Social media helps you understand

One of the best things social media has to offer is a better understanding of the legal process of buying a home anywhere in the world, including New Zealand. You can like articles about the process on Facebook, read articles shared on Twitter, and even do a quick search on Pinterest for information about this particular process.

Social media isn”t just a great way for sellers to market their home to buyers, it”s a great way for buyers to see what”s on the market, how improvements can be made, and how to learn more about the legal process involved in buying a new home.


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