3 Reasons You Should Tweet to Market Your Business

Companies that don”t use social media could be losing a multitude of opportunities to build customer relationships and strengthen their pipeline. Twitter is the new word of mouth, and it happens at a much faster pace and enormous scope.

Many organizations recognize how crucial Twitter is for targeted marketing campaigns. Take a look at these three reasons why you should be using Twitter for your business right now.

1. Increased visibility

It can be exceedingly difficult to get your brand out there, even if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront or office. Without social media like Twitter, you can only reach potential clients by paying for print or radio advertising, cold calling, relying on word of mouth, or with signage.

While they are by no means ineffective, it can take much longer for you to see the ROI on these marketing strategies. Twitter is a free way to get the word out and expose thousands of potential followers to your brand name and products. It”s easy and succinct, requiring nothing more than occasional updates of 140 characters to connect with a massive audience.


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2. Traffic and conversions

Twitter accounts can give your company a leg up when it comes to traffic metrics and lead generation. If you share a promo code exclusively with your Twitter fans, you can track how many sales actually come from your Twitter account.

You can measure the effectiveness of certain online marketing campaigns and make adjustments to repeat successes. Your Twitter account can be an excellent way for clients to enter your online storefront or portfolio.

3. Customer service

As you build a Twitter following, clients and fans will post updates regarding your products and services. They will often leave honest feedback and link to blog entries and photos of your work.

This can be an excellent time to reach out to your fans and thank them for their loyalty and support. Your customer service team can also discover major opportunities in quality and processes by keeping an eye out for complaints.

Addressing these concerns promptly can help turn a company detractor back into a promoter, which can lead to a larger projected pipeline. You can keep your ear to the ground with Twitter and get snapshots of customer satisfaction.

Twitter is also a great way to reward loyal customers. You can release special promotional codes, new product announcements, and coupons through this outlet. Twitter hashtags can help you tailor your message for particular demographics and interests. Since it”s so easy to share things on Twitter with re-tweets, this can be your opportunity to go viral.


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