MobileGo an Android Device Manager for your PC

MobileGo is a piece of software that every Android user have in their computer. MobileGo from Wondershare is more powerful than other software available in the market as an Android manager. This $40 worth software offers lots of managing features in a simple and clean user interface. MobileGo is available for both Windows and Mac and compatible with almost every version of these OS.


MobileGo comes with features like backup and restore, contact synchronization, app manager, sms manager etc. You can get MobileGo from the Wondershare Store   , also a free trial version is available. After installation connect your Android phone with Windows or Mac PC using data cable or Wi-Fi connection. Before connecting please make sure all the drivers of your phone is installed your Pc, otherwise you will be unable to synchronize files. For connecting via Wi-Fi you will need to install MobileGo app on your phone, the app is a QR code reader , which does the authentication part.


After the connection established you will see the Android phone under Devices tab showing number of installed apps, music files, videos contact, sms . You can directly access libraries with a mouse click on them. Home screen of device tab shows memory status of internal and external storage.

With MobileGo you can manage the media files as well ass all the apps on your Android device with easy to use options. Latest version of this software lets you transfer contacts from Outlook or Symbian phone to Android. Export option is very handy and its useful in case your old phone was a Symbian one.


You can also send sms from MobileGo using the phone while it is connected to PC without any issue. MobileGo comes integrated with Google play store, YouTube, AppBrain and the downloaded apps or media files directly transferred to phone . This software also includes media files converter , which reduces your headache about the compatibility fact of Android. You will not be able to enjoy video converter and contact synchronization in the free version of this software, so I’ll recommend you to try the premium version instead.

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