Install BlueStaks in a minute With Slow Internet Connection

BlueStacks is a free Android app player for desktop based Operating Systems like Windows and Mac. It lets you enjoy android environment without having android based device. Since the latest version of BlueStacks only can be installed using the web installer, its a great problem for those surfing web from a low speed connection. Its nearly impossible to install BlueStacks from a low speed connection as it will take long period of time. The same problem faced by one of my friend and I tried to solve this problem using the following trick and it worked.

Blue Stacks

To install BlueStacks this way you will need a friend having latest version BlueStacks installed on his/her PC . Fist go to the BlueStacks official website and download the windows installer ( Size of the installer is nearly 8 MB ) and install it. After installing quit the installer , now its time to get some files from your friend. Open the “C:ProgramData” location on your friend’s PC  and copy “BlueStacks” and “BlueStacksSetup” folder from there . Transfer the folders to the same directory  of your own PC ( C:ProgramData ) . But before accessing ProgramData folder don’t forget to check the “Show hidden files, folders, and drive ” option from Folder options as ProgramData is a hidden folder by default.

After completing the file transfer connect your PC to internet and now run the BlueStacks installer and wait for few seconds and see the magic.  This step updates and creates the registry values to validate installation. Now start exploring the world of android apps from your windows PC without owing any android device.

If you want to download the full offline version of BlueStacks there is some reliable sources still available like MajorGeek . But the version is little bit older than  current beta version .

Tip: While copying and pasting files from ProgramData directory don’t mess with other system files , it may cause Boot failure of windows. If facing any problem just contact with us .

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