Commentluv vs Disqus , Which one is Best

While it comes the time of choosing a comment management system for your self hosted blog , lots of names comes to our mind.Commentluv and Disqus will be surely on that list and most of the blogger got confused with this two. When I started my self hosted WordPress blog I was on the same confusion and so I tried both on my blogs and studied the differences between them . According to social approach and affinity of commenting this difference can be studied with the following points.


Social Login Facility:

Almost everybody have at least a social network profile and Disqus have the feature of social login and this is the main advantage than Commentluv. Actually when someone have to comment using Commentluv they have to fill up a form with name and email id but with Disqus one can just log in and fill the comment box . For lazy people Disqus will be more attractive rather than Commentluv and some people also hesitates to disclose email ids , in fear of getting spam .

Comment Moderation:

Comment moderation is an important fact on self hosted WordPress blogs as most of us get regularly flooded with lots of spam comments that can harmĀ  website reputation. As far I know Commentluv don’t have any spam filter and plugins like Akismet has t be used to save time , it is not a good option because sometime it also blocks good comments. With Disqus the number of spam are very less for the social log in fact.It also has a unique option called ” User Reputation” , it helps you to understand the quality of the commenter.

Dofollow backlink for commenter’s Website:

As we know backlink is a key factor for getting your website rank better on search engines. Most of bloggers and website developers are always in search of getting good quality backlinks to their site . One of their favorite methods is commenting on WordPress blogs having high PR and Commentluv encourages this fact with featuring the latest post from commenter’s blog with Dofollow link. So there will be more comments on Commentluv enabled blogs than Disqus enabled blogs and Commentators on Commentluv enabled blogs will be most likely bloggers and website developers.


Sharing of comments on social sites:

Disqus have this great opportunity so share the link of the comment made by visitor on their social profiles, it will give your blog exposure on their network and result more visitors. Premium version of Commentluv has facility of getting like , plus one or tweet in the price of a Dofollow link from your blog .

Earning with comments:

Sounds like unbelievable, but true Disqus added this facility recently and it works by featuring comments from other blogs below comments of your blog . This is totally an option facility and you may choose to feature your own comment instead of other payments are made only via Paypal.

Some other features of Disqus are community( comments from your Disqus enabled blogs in one place with reply notification from Disqus enabled sites where you commented) , easy import and export etc.
Commentluv offers nothing like these facilities and it is only focus on getting more comments on your blog. On the other hand Disqus will mostly get comments from loyal readers. There are some other comment management softwares having social log in facility like InstantDebate, Livefyre, Echo , Jetpack comments etc. if you are still confused with them pick one of these.

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