Boot Chrome OS on your PC with 4 GB Pendrive

The original version of Chrome OS by Google comes with either Chromebooks or Chromebox . So there is just only way to get the taste of this OS just to buy either of the devices. But there is luckily several Linux based Distributions of Chrome OS available with limited facilities. An open source version of this Operating System is available on the official website of Chromium website , which is the older version of Chrome OS. You can test Chrome OS without installing it on your PC just like other Linux based OS. For this purpose you will need a desktop , laptop or netbook and a 4GB pendrive, just follow the steps mentioned below.


  • First of all you will need one of the available Linux Distribution of Chrome OS . its better to download the Lime distribution as it has better support for hardwares and driver. All the Distributions are sized nearly 250 MB.
  • Now just unzip the downloaded file , and you will see a image file sized nearly 2GB.
  • To create the IMG file bootable from pendrive you will need a Image Writer like Windows Image Writer , Unetbootin etc. Download one of them and run the .exe file.
  • Browse the location of the image file and select the USB drive , that you want to make the Boot drive. Before using the USB drive format it properly to avoid any accidents and the minimum size must be 4 GB.
  • Now just click on Write/Ok and wait till the process ends.
  • Restart your PC and make some changes on the Boot menu . If your Boot Menu offers Boot From option , select the Pendrive from the list other wise go to Boot Menu and set USB Storage Drive on top and press F10.
  • Booting of Chrome OS will start and will ask for details like Keyboard Layout , Language and Network Connection. Then enter your Google login ID and Password , chrome will welcome you with help document  and other setting options.



Chrome is a fully cloud computing based operating system , so internet everything here . There is just one option available on the desktop ‘Change the Wallpaper’ and all your data will be stored in cloud.

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