Free Optimizing Tools to Boost Up Your PC

Is your PC getting old day by day for some unknown reasons? This system slowdown may be caused by some harmful virus program or lack of optimization. To avoid this type of condition you must install a PC optimizing tool along with a good quality antivirus software. PC optimizing tools cleans up the mess on the registry and hard disk to boost computer performance. Here are some free PC optimizing tools that help you to regain the speed of your computer.

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nCleaner is a free PC optimizing tool that can be customized by you for removing unwanted files from desired source. Not just removing useless files this tool also keeps registry clean and improves system performance. As it cleans unnecessary disk spaces you can use the whole space of HDD without loosing single bit.

Inspite of being a system cleaned it is also a good system monitoring tool, notified you about critical error and fixes them. If you don’t have time to customize system optimization profile , then don’t worry nCleaner has some predefined profiles choose any from them. Overall this is a very good tool to keep your system fast and healthy. [Download Link]


CCleaner stands for Computer Cleaner and is one of the best and popular tool available till now. It lets you clean unwanted registry values another useless system and temp files. It can clear cache of almost every popular browsing software with cookies and optimizes your browsing speed. If you don’t want to delete specific type of temp files.

Registry cleaner cleans registry inputs of uninstalled software, broken entries and duplicate entries from the registry. Cleaning registry regularly saves system space and makes your PC work fast. But before cleaning registry files it is better to backup using the option on the tool. CCleaner can be used in almost every version of Windows without any compatibility issue. [Download Link]


TweakNow is premium PC optimization tool available free for both professionals and individuals. This tool contains almost every feature to keep your computer neat and clean like registry cleaner, disk defragment, start-up manager and more other.

This tools improves your hard disc memory allocation making your system work fast like a new PC . TweakNow not only makes system work faster it also lets you customize several Windows functions according to your need. TweakNow can be installed on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and there is also a Mac version of TweakNow is availble on Mac App store. [Download Link]

Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare is another good PC optimizing tool by IObit. This system optimizing tool has very easy to use and attractive interface with several anti-virus like facilities. Features offered by Advanced SystemCare Free are malware malware, registry cleaning and fixing, disk defragment, internet boosting etc. Malware removing operation also removes adwares and spywares downloaded while browsing the internet.

Advanced SystemCare Free is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit and works on every version of Windows after Windows 2000. If you know about any other good quality free PC optimizing tools, share that with us via comment. Thanks in advance. [Download Link]


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